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The Mission

“Kingdom Hollywood Foundation: Affords youth, in underdeveloped areas, training where creative outlets are limited or nonexistent. Our chief aim is to keep artistic outlets alive; this can only be accomplished by looking toward the future and equipping the heirs of what we build-our youth. We want, not diva or divos, but well rounded, multifaceted artists that are able to work all areas of entertainment. Our heart is to afford them the opportunity to dream and live beyond the 9-5 work mentality. Our youth deserves the chance and opportunities to create, execute, and produce. Creativity is the outlet to which they can openly express themselves; they need not be robbed of that or made to fight or compete for a spot. The resources we fought for, we give freely to them so that they can see more, do more, & be more.”

Past Sessions/ Workshops

Kingdom Hollywood Workshops Are Great For...

~Youth Groups

~Summer Camps

~Church Drama Departments

~Cast Development

~Acting Troops



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