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How did I get here? Why am I here? How long is this going to last?

Have you ever gotten a promise from God, obeyed his word, and still found yourself in unfavorable circumstances? You thought you missed God, it made you question if you heard God correctly. I want to assure you, YOU HEARD CORRECTLY. The Desert is not to destroy you, it’s to build you up. “How in the world can I be built up in the desert?” The answer is because nothing is there. It’s easy to focus on surroundings when they are present, but in doing so you pay more attention to what you can see instead of what needs attention. What needs attention is your inner man. In Theatre, when you start rehearsing you don’t have a full set, you don’t have props or an audience. You only have the bare necessities and a director that tells you to work on YOU! Rehearsal is the process you go through for your growth and development so that when it’s time for an audience to see the performance, they see excellence. Same with the desert, it’s the place where introspection is key so that when your promise manifests, it remains. Your desert will be hard and taxing, but this will be a tool in your hand to fight the wiles of the devil while you’re there. You’ll never reach the mountain of promise without, first, journeying through the desert of process. I, too, faced many deserts but one thing I grasped this last time is that the desert isn’t a murderer but rather a teacher. As I fasted for 21 Days, in the midst of a desert experience, God did something amazing. God led me to water daily, let me see myself, and offered me a better way. This book is a devotional that holds 21 daily prayers and 21 daily bible studies that changed and challenged the way I saw the world, God and my life. I was allowed to open the door to my prayer room just for you. Let’s reach maturity and wholeness together!

While in the Desert - 21 Day Devotional

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Publication Date: January 14, 2020


Language: English

Book Length: 210 pages

Size: 8.5in x 5.5 in




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