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“Wait, Ma, you’re not dead. You can’t stay, you were only allowed to come visit us for a short while. You’ll be going back soon.”



Vulnerable, exposed, and broken, Tarrylyn Brown is back, reserving her seat at the table of our hearts. The dust has now settled from the untimely passing of her son, Nyko. Now, a remorseful Tarrylyn sets out on a journey of healing. A journey hopeful of being beneficial but to what end? Having no other choice but to clean up the broken pieces of her shattered image Tarrylyn buckles down in her truth and discovers that the roots of her past are far more darker and deeper than they appeared to be. Finally after accepting resolve, Tarrylyn regains her sense of normalcy. But not too long after she’s back on her feet,  she finds herself being thrust back into a world of pain, loss, relapse, & ultimate betrayal. This time, however, she poses a very hard question. “What’s the point in being righteous?”



Will Tarrylyn decide that it’s worthwhile that the buck stops with her or will she just let her freak flag fly high?  I mean how would you step in life if you had nothing else to lose? 



Sins of a Mother II

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