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"A Book all children will enjoy"

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Society will try to define you by way of their standards, their beliefs, and/or their feelings. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself living your life for their acceptance and their approval. In that, you’ll lose something and someone extremely valuable— you; That’s too high of a price to pay. THEY, don’t get a say in who you are because all THEY have and know about you are the labels that have been placed on you. Those labels can and will change, but the essence of who you are remains the same; that’s why THEY can’t define you. There’s a reason why your name doesn’t change, even when people call you different things, your name is always your name. You’ll get it wrong, you’ll get it right, sometimes you might even lose sight but you’ll always have this light. This book was written for you so that you’ll always have a way to get back. 

Pre-Order Site Kidscolor.jpg
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Evan Harris is an adventurous 8 year old. His imagination is HUGE!! He sees no wrong in anybody and he is the most charming little boy you’d ever meet. He’s also quite the performer, he loves the arts, he loves to sing and act but he is also quite studious. He enjoys reading and writing about the things he’s learned. His future is bright and he knows it. Evan is a ball of sunshine, he has a personality that would light up any room no matter the amount of darkness that preceded it.  Evan is an instant favorite, he is sure to keep you on your toes while keeping a smile on your face at the same time. 

Makayla Harris, age 10, is just a wonderful little girl. She has big hair but an even bigger and brighter personality. She is a protector, she is always on the lookout, making sure those around her are being treated fairly and with kindness. She is quite inquisitive in her own right, she loves learning and she loves to teach what she’s learned. She is strong and you’d better not let the sweet & cute face fool you; she will outrun any boy who is up for the challenge. Makayla loves music and she loves to help anyone who needs it.  Her passions aside, Makayla's spirit and heart are the things that make her the most lovable. She is the sister you wish all children had. 

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