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Curious about what’s now and next in entertainment? Your search begins and ends with the introduction to a captivating light and daring soul in the personhood of Joshua Blocker. With humble beginnings rooted in Oak Cliff, this Dallas native has defied odds and treaded deep waters, reimagining what it means to be an entertainer. Naturally, a performer, owning every room he stepped into, Joshua always knew he was special but didn’t quite know the path his life would take. After seeing his first play at age 9, he then decided what he wanted to do forever — perform. This inclination to perform was never purposed in fame or in the idea of being seen but rather as a revelation of responsibility, recognizing a new avenue of showing people themselves with the hope that by seeing themselves they would be charged to become better. It was always clear to Joshua that storytelling had the power to change lives. It changed him, tremendously. 


Joshua began his storytelling journey around age 13 writing skits and shows for his local church. Due to the deficit of performance opportunities & training in the area he grew up in, Joshua jumped in head first in local efforts, imitating the greats and following blueprints of his inspirations until his gift could be properly cultivated. It was not until he entered high school that his gift found a home in the theatre department where his acting gift was trained and cultivated, first, by Michelle Coleman. Joining forces and submitting to her tutelage, Joshua began performing in shows and brought attention to the school by winning Awards such as Best Actor and Best Performance in UIL competitions!!! That type of recognition gave Joshua the confidence and reassurance that he was made for this. 


can grab a pen or hop in front of a camera . . . but can you tell a story 


Thats what matters 


Continuing in this way, upon graduating high school, Joshua was awarded a theatre scholarship to attend Blinn College (Brenham, TX), where he would not just perform as an actor but would also obtain training in every area of theatre, from stage managing to light and sound design, making him well rounded. Bringing his Associates of Fine Arts, Joshua transferred to Texas State University (San Marcos, TX) where he completed his degree and received Bachelors of Fine Arts in Performance and Production. 


Over the last 10 years, Joshua’s performances have afforded him numerous awards & mentions including The Irma P. Hall Award in the category "Best Featured Actor in A Musical" for his role in the Jubilee Theater's GOSPEL JUBILEE, as well as multiple Best Actor awards for his portrayal of Palmeroy Bateman in the show WATING TO BE INVITED.  Joshua's favorite roles include Michael Novak in GOD OF CARNAGE, Charlie in THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER, and Reverend Sykes in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. 


Joshua has also broken into the national area, appearing in Pizza Hut's National NFL Game Plan Commercial Series, NTTA toll tag commercials, as well the Daytime Emmy Nominated series #Washed. Joshua is currently represented as an Actor, Print Model, & Talent by Cachet Talent Agency. Apart from his love for acting on the stage, on tv, & film, Joshua is now a multi-published author, serial entrepreneur, visionary & creative. He has found his niche creating original projects that confront taboo topics and make room for snuffed voices. Whether by acting, directing, writing, or assisting other creatives, Joshua Blocker is a storyteller dedicated to causing a positive impact on the lives of consumers and ensuring the arts are done RIGHT!

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